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We are your client-centric innovative technology partner

Who we are

The expert in digital transformation providing cutting-edge technological solutions

Our mission

To build possibilities via breakthrough innovations

What we do

Empowering clients with our digital intelligence and expertise

Our background

MMSC Ventures is a digital transformation expert headquartered in Putrajaya. We have been helping organisations building impactful technological solutions powered by the latest technologies. We started with a desire to create things of value. Over the years, we’ve worked with many organisations building breakthrough innovations, leveraging our decades-long experience in the industry. ​

Our 6-D process



As a client-centric partner, other than familiarising ourselves with the process flow, methodology and client’s requirements, work always starts with exchanging our vision and values with the clients.



To produce a forward-thinking solution, our discovery is then boiled down into actionable insight and strategic direction.



Creating the context, the content, and the connection between those two, this process includes brainstorming, prototyping, and feedback loops. 



This is a highly iterative process where we work closely with the clients and we go through the “define, design, develop” steps several times until we get it exactly right.



Once solution is developed to our client’s satisfaction, we deploy. But, this is when the work really begins. We won’t be satisfied until the solution is perfected. 



We are outcome-obsessed. We are committed to get things done in a time-efficient manner and with the right metrics to measure results, so we could improve our ability to serve our clients.

Why choose us?

We establish long term relationships with our clients and provide them with on-going support to ensure that they reach their goals. Our focus is to create a positive experience to them by maximising service and/or product offerings. We revere our clients more as partners than as clients. 

As we are outcome-obsessed, we are committed in delivering products and services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations. Our processes continually being improved to satisfy the changing needs.
We have worked with many organisations over the years and repeatedly proven our adaptability and professionalism.
This is where our experience adds value. We have the ability to develop solutions suiting our client’s needs and specifications.

Our team comprises of a balanced mix of skill and experience which makes us ideal. Continuously, we are committed in building our expertise in new and emerging technologies.

We work directly with the leader in cloud services. We’re proud to be one of the fastest growing AWS partners in Malaysia. From planning to final deployment and delivery, we support organisations at each step of the development process enabling them to improve time to market for high quality products. We understand cloud.

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